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Water the Soil if You Want the Fruit

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

As I was washing dishes at the sink this morning, I gazed out the window to see that our little tomato plant has three new ripe tomatoes.

This got me thinking about The Do Over School I'm creating for myself because there's nothing I love more than a great analogy. So what does the tomato plant have to do with my self-made second chance at education?

When I was in the groove of my early morning routine, I would workout, journal, clean, work on personal development courses, read and work on my online business that I'm creating. I was feeling inspired and focused. Although as time went on, all I wanted to do was work on my business because that was what I really wanted to have grow. First the workout routine got the boot, then the morning journaling was cut and one by one each part of the morning routine got the red card because I wanted my online business to be the only one on the field. I'm going to get back to the original analogy....

The decision was to start watering the tomato (online business) because that's what I wanted to nurture. Slowly the strength of my morning routine began to crumble. So when I watched this tomato plant, I realized that I NEVER have watered the tomatoes before. In fact I had to water the soil before the plant even existed. When the plant started growing, it wasn't even watered, it was the soil which is the foundation in which the plant is held up that delivers everything it needs for life (outside of sunlight, but we'll get to that also). The fruit/tomato is the result of the plant being strong and the soil being nurtured.

Let's break it down:


This is the work - exercise, reading, cleaning, organizing, kindness to others, practice, getting out of your comfort zone, meditation and the list goes on.


The plant is what's nurtured because of the soil being watered. This would be the things that result from the work put in that's listed above - for example, good health, a clear mind, focus, good relationships, a skill being developed, growth, etc.


The fruit is the ultimate goal for most people - it is the result of the plant being nurtured. This could be a fit body, a successful business, a wonderful marriage, a supportive group of friends or being an expert at something.


Let's not forget the importance of sunshine. This is putting myself in the right environment to promote growth. If I stay inside all day and hope to network, it won't happen. Plants need sunshine to complete the process of photosynthesis, just like we need it to successfully grow the "fruit" we want.

Now I'm bringing it back to the basics...the soil...the entry level classes. I'm restructuring my morning routine to incorporate all of the elements of my personal foundation. Once the basics are taken care of, I can focus on my business. There is a lot that went into creating that beautiful, delicious tomato.

What will I do once those tomatoes are ripe?


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