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We're All Living a Story

I'm about to get deep here. If you're looking for something a little more surface level, please search "sneezing baby panda" instead. It's very cute.

What is life? Who are we really? Those are some big questions that I'm about to answer in a one page blog. I won't so much answer it as I will ramble about my thoughts and of course make relevant analogies.

We all have a story that is based on every bit of the input and experiences we have had since birth. Each experience is interpreted in a certain way to help us build on our understanding of the world and our part in it. As we get older, our stories are more in-depth with lots of twists and turns that have created some excellent character development.

Everything we do is based on this story. How we interpret any sensory input, or even what we sensory input we actually notice, is based on the infinite experiences we have had.

If this is true then what happens when we step out of the story? What if our role is actually the reader of the story and we have gotten so immersed in it that we've stepped into the main character's role. When there is a conscious awareness that we can look up from that story, what do we see? Is this what happens when people meditate for so long that it's almost as if they are entering a different brain?

The ability to see things as they are as an objective observer changes everything.

Are you still with me? Is this glimpse into my brain is like trying to navigate through JFK Airport the day before Thanksgiving? That baby panda isn't going anywhere.

If you're still with me...

I was thinking about all of this and how it applies to the people who just get on our nerves. You know that there's someone who just drives you nuts for some reason. That person is completely immersed in their story and walking in the shoes of the story's main character. That character just doesn't jive with yours. When you think about each person having the ability to look up from their story and having this objective, raw, oneness with everything, it reframes your view of the person.

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